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"The CDS team's extensive experience was very helpful as we put our plan together.  They invested the time needed to get us to a good place.  I highly recommend CDS."

Matt Breitenberg

Executive Pastor, Grace Bible Church

Grace Bible Church
Grace Bible

Why we received the call...

Grace had hired someone before CDS to master plan its project and design phase one. After putting the plans out for bid, the costs reflected a project that was well outside the budget of the church. They were so far outside their budget that they put their land up for sale.

On the way to church one Sunday, the CEO of CDS spotted a "For Sale" sign on the property. Knowing some of the history of the project, he gave them a call.

We knew the church's size and financial capabilities and believed there was a solution to get them out of their rented facility and into their new home on that existing property.

Design/Financial Challenges...

As is our normal process, we came to understand what the church could reasonably afford to develop and then researched what could be done within those boundaries.

During the process, we uncovered that part of their property was environmentally-sensitive land and was responsible, to a great degree, for the cost being so out of line with the budget.

There were a few other design flaws with the site and building that also contributed to excess cost.

At CDS, our design team worked with a local site engineer and devised a plan that could meet the following goals:

  1. Space planning to meet ministry needs

  2. Site planning to satisfy environmental issues with the property

  3. Stay within the budgetary constraints of the ministry


Our CFO worked diligently with the ministry's finance team to develop a budget that made sense to the leadership and congregation as well as attract outside lenders that would finance the project.

The budget was presented to the church, approved, funded, and they now worship in their new facility.

Grace Bible
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