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"Because of your guidance, I believe Riverside grew spiritually and was able to overcome a myriad of obstacles while uniting the church as the Body of Christ."

Johan Adendorf, Campaign Chair

Riverside Church of Christ, Layfayette, LA



  • Sell the existing building to provide needed funds to complete the project

  • Orchestrate the sale of the existing building to coincide with completion of the new facility

  • Get educated - this was the first expansion effort from a 40-year-old ministry

  • Negotiate with the owner of the adjoining property

  • Survive inclement weather – threatening the cost structure

  • Persevere through onerous code reviews and changes by inspectors

  • Coordinate subcontractors affected by delays from the metal building fabricator

  • Demonstrate viability to the bond company that was initially hesitant to participate in the project

"We are grateful for the efforts and conscientious attitude of your Construction Manager, Doug, for going above and beyond the call of duty. I happened to pass by the building on a weekend afternoon near dusk, and saw Doug's truck there. He was just finishing up sweeping the auditorium area in anticipation of our church members meeting there Sunday afternoon. They would meet to view the building and have a prayer session. Doug was neither asked to do this gracious gesture, nor would we have expected it. CDS is blessed to have such dedicated and caring employees. Doug has done a wonderful job of orchestrating the construction in a timely fashion despite a long run of unfavorable weather conditions."

- Les Heins, Building Committee, Chairman/Deacon

How CDS helped...

  • In negotiations with the neighboring property, the church was able to realize much needed cash in exchange for a sliver of land and easement that had little to no impact on their ability to expand and utilize their property. The negotiations with the developer also yielded additional cash, which allowed a larger budget for the type of kitchen the church wanted for its outreach.

  • The onsite manager skillfully worked to make up for lost time due to inclement weather. This resulted in completing the project on time and within budget.

  • Kurt Werth, CDS' CFO, worked with the church finance team to develop a loan package that the bond company would eventually approve.

  • The church dedicated its building to a full house. Many members who had left the church partially because of the older building, returned not only for the dedication, but have reinstated their membership.

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